The Short Story

Alick Matheson, Multi Media Production Officer, designed the site and also completed all the artwork and drawings on the site.

Thanks to Stòrlann for permission to link to their teaching resources and sound files.

I would also like to thank Acair for permission for using Ann am Bosnia by Iain Crichton Smith which first appeared in Seallaidhean Sula in 1996.

Several of the stories were first published in Gairm and I would like to give thanks to John Storey at the Gaelic Books Council for kindly giving permission to use these stories.

Special thanks to Stephen Murdo MacLeod who worked with the Unit during the summer of 2012. Stephen was instrumental in researching contributors and filming interviews.

Thanks to authors and relevant families where that is appropriate:

Mr John Murray for Briseadh na Cloiche and Feòil a’ Gheamhraidh. (Briseadh na Cloiche first appeared in Briseadh na Cloiche in 1970 and Feòil a’ Gheamhraidh in Gairm 54 in 1966).

Mr Donald John MacIver for Na Bleideagan (which first appeared in Camhanaich, Western Isles publishing group, 1982).

Mrs Donalda Henderson for Bùrn, A’ Dol Dhachaigh, An Coigreach, An Duine Dubh agus Ann am Bosnia (Bùrn and An Duine Dubh first appeared in Bùrn is Aran in 1960, Ann am Bosnia in Seallaidhean Sùla, Acair, 1996 and A’ Dol Dhachaigh which was published in An t-Adhar Ameirigeanach by Club Leabhar in 1973).

Mrs Annot MacInnes for Aon Fheasgar (first published in Gairm 24, 1958).

Mrs Carol Thomson for Mar Chuimhneachan (first published in Gairm 31, 1960).

Thanks to each individual who took part in this project:

Anna Frater
Catrìona Dunn
Chriselle Bain
Angela Weir
Ruairidh MacÌomhair
Tristan ap Rheinallt
Iain Urchardan
Muriel Urchardan
Catrìona Rothach
Cairistiona Primrose
Coinneach Mac a’ Ghobhainn
Chrissy Nic an Lèigh
Janet NicPhàil
Jean NicEachan
Alice NicAmhlaigh
Peigi Townsend
Màiri Bell Nic an t-Saoir
Mòrag NicNèill
Màiri Anna Fhearghasdan
Jessica Fhearghasdan
Sarah Fhearghasdan
John James Mac a’ Bhreatannach
Laura NicIllinnein
Catrìona Moireach
Cairistiona Primrose
Donna Màiri NicÌomhair
Donna NicDhòmhnaill
Tormod MacArtair
Seònaid NicDhòmhnaill
Dòmhnall MacLeòid
Catrìona Nic a’ Phì
Catrìona NicIain
Morna Nic a' Bhuidseir
Maureen NicLeòid